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About us

"I remember when I was a little kid, and the warm feeling I got when I received my very first book that I could call my own. It was just a picture book arranged alphabetically. I now have my own son, and I want to give him that experience. I want him to feel as good I felt while learning."

- George Butiri, website creator

All ideas start somewhere...

Since its conception, toddlebooks' intention was to bring a feel good learning experience to your toddler. Why not get them a head start? We all know that kids are like sponges, and they simply love to learn, so why not make it a pleasant experience that they'll come back to over and over again?

Why toddlebooks?

Toddlebooks has one simple idea. Learn in the comfort of your own domain, be it at playschool or home, without annoying ads or incentives to click on anything that will take you away from this feel-good expereince of learning.

Contact info

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